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Privately Funded Offices

In addition to your Commonwealth-leased electorate office(s), you may at your own expense establish privately-leased and funded office/s.  This does not require the approval of the Minister.

However, subject to the agreement of the Minister, you may:

  • locate employees in your privately funded office
  • transfer the following equipment and facilities from your Commonwealth electorate office to your privately funded office, provided there is no additional cost to the Commonwealth:
    • one of the four telephone lines from the electorate office telephone provision (see Telephone Services)
    • specified items of office furniture and equipment, with the exception of the postage meter.

As the equipment and facilities are resources provided under the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017, any transferred equipment and facilities must be used for the dominant purpose of conducting your parliamentary business and not for commercial purposes. For guidance as to use, see Selection and Use of Offices.

Your Responsibility

Your Ministerial Parliamentary Services State Office arranges the transfer of the telephone line, and can assist in the transfer of furniture and equipment. All other arrangements for a privately funded office are your responsibility, including:

  • financial, legal and any other advice and costs
  • lease, fit-out and furniture and equipment
  • all associated costs including rent, outgoings, fees
  • all contractual and statutory obligations including work health and safety compliance
  • notifying the relevant Australian Federal Police liaison unit of the location of your privately funded office
  • the transfer of approved furniture and equipment to and from the privately funded office.

You should obtain your own advice as to your legal responsibilities in respect of the premises and any persons working at the office, including any insurance cover recommended in respect of volunteers or persons privately employed by you.

Any Commonwealth-owned furniture or equipment must be returned to the Commonwealth electorate office when:

  • requested by Ministerial and Parliamentary Services or the Department of Parliamentary Services for stocktake, service, repair or scheduled replacement;
  • the privately funded office is closed; or
  • if the agreement of the Minister is revoked.

No Access to the Extended Parliamentary Network

Connection to the Australian Parliament House Network (Extended Parliamentary Network) is not provided to a privately funded office.

You and your employees may access the Extended Parliamentary Network remotely by using a laptop and remote access token provided by the Department of Parliamentary Services (see Office Information and Communications Technology and Services – contact Department of Parliamentary Services, 2020 Service Desk) as part of the standard suite of computer equipment allocated to the Commonwealth-funded electorate office.

Relevant Legislation

Last updated: 25 November 2019