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Overarching Obligations

The Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017 imposes overarching obligations.
The dominant purpose and value for money tests and specified conditions must be met. See s25, 26, 27, 28.

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One or more flagpoles for your electorate (or Ministerial or Office Holder) office for purposes related to your parliamentary business, and not for commercial purposes. Provision is subject to office lease conditions and any relevant approvals and requirements.

Installation and Value for Money

You should refer to the ‘Australian Flags’ booklet if you are considering displaying a flag: ‘Australian Flags’, 3rd Edition, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, It's an Honour.

You may request the installation (and illumination if the flag is to be flown at night) of a flagpole outside your office. Your Ministerial and Parliamentary Services State Manager will organise the installation (and illumination), subject to the lease conditions and any relevant local government or State legislation. You may also display an Australian National Flag inside an official office - Ministerial and Parliamentary Services will also, on request, provide a suitable flagstaff for use inside the office.

Your requests should take into consideration your overarching obligations under the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017. In particular, the Special Minister of State is also obliged to ensure that value for money is provided. Value for money considerations may include:

  • the purchase, installation, legal and approval costs attending the installation and illumination of a flagpole/s;
  • the size and weight of the flag that is appropriate for where the flag is to be displayed: for example, inside; outside; prevailing weather conditions. If a displayed flag becomes ‘dilapidated and unsuitable for use’ a replacement should be ordered immediately.

Commonwealth Flag Network Guidelines

If you have a flagpole installed outside your office you should join the Commonwealth Flag Network by registering at the It's an Honour website. The Commonwealth Flag Network provides up-to-date advice on how and when to fly the flag. After registering you will receive an email at the same time as flag marshals around the country, with flag protocols. for:

  • special occasions such as ANZAC Day and NAIDOC Week
  • occasions when flags should be half-mast
  • flying multiple flags or using multiple flagpoles
  • treatment of the flag to maintain its dignity
  • times of day –
    • it should be raised no earlier than first light and lowered no later than dusk
    • the flag may only be flown at night if illuminated.

Ordering Flags

Flags must be ordered via the Contracted Supplier of Flags and costs will be deducted from your office budget. On receipt of flag orders, the enclosed packing slip is to be endorsed by your office and provided to Ministerial and Parliamentary Services to arrange payment. Heavy duty flags for external use can be ordered by your Ministerial and Parliamentary Services State Office.

You are also provided with flags under the Flags and Nationhood Material request program for provision to eligible bodies and private individuals, which are charged to your office budget.

Last updated: 09 December 2019