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Ministerial Communications Network and national telepresence system

Ministerial Communications Network

The Ministerial Communications Network (MCN) provides secure voice and document communications between Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, their Departments and a number of other agencies.

The MCN is able to pass all information up to and including SECRET level security classified information. The MCN is a closed network (i.e. you cannot dial an extension on the public network inadvertently).

The MCN is provided by Government Network Services (GNSB) in the Department of Finance.

Telepresence facilities

GNSB also manage the National Telepresence System (NTS) - a secure, high definition, digital video conferencing system that provides a high-quality spatial audio and video experience for its users.

The NTS operates on the Ministerial Communications Network, and connects federal, state and territory governments, DFAT, Defence, and AGD, and all Commonwealth Ministers and Departmental Secretaries. The system is used for inter-jurisdictional meetings up to the security classification of SECRET.

There are 38 large room NTS facilities across Australia, and 180 personal Telepresence units installed in the offices of Ministers, Assistant Ministers, Departmental Secretaries and senior government officers. Telepresence rooms are also available for use in each Commonwealth Parliament Office (CPO) and in Parliament House, Canberra.

For a full list of locations and to make bookings, please contact the Government Network Service Team (GNS) via your MaPS State Office. Once a booking is made and confirmed by GNS, the requestor will be notified via email.

For telepresence facilities in a CPO, the requestor must provide a list of attendees to the MaPS State Office hosting the telepresence meeting at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time.

Note: food and drink (including water) are not permitted in the telepresence rooms.

Contact the GNS Services Desk for assistance:

  • Phone (business hours): 02 6215 1800
  • Phone (after hours): Calls to 02 6215 1800 will be received by a live call answering service and forwarded to the duty technician
  • National Telepresence System bookings -
  • Email:

Last updated: 03 February 2020