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Office information and communications technology and services

Overarching obligations

The Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017 imposes overarching obligations.
The dominant purpose and value for money tests and specified conditions must be met. See s25, 26, 27, 28.
The Commonwealth is not liable to pay an expense or provide a public resource where you contravene any of these obligations (s29, PBR Act).

Information and communications technology (ICT) equipment (including desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, software and accessories), and associated support and training is provided to you for the conduct of your parliamentary business in your electorate, ministerial, and office holder office/s. These resources must not be used for commercial purposes. 

The presiding officers are responsible for determining most of the ICT equipment and facilities, and related training and support to be provided to you, and the Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) provides these resources.

However fixed-line telephone systems and services in offices, and work health and safety equipment are provided by your MaPS state office.

Some additional ICT resources for Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries may be provided by portfolio departments outside the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017 framework.

Support provided by DPS

DPS’ 2020 Service Desk provides advice and support for equipment and software which DPS provides, including:

  • desktop computers and peripherals
  • portable computers (including laptops, tablets and hybrids) and peripherals
  • smartphones, mobile phones (including mobile phone boosters for offices), and mobile telephone plans,
  • mobile broadband devices and plans
  • printers (including label and copy printers), scanners and multi-function devices
  • physical and digital remote access tokens.

Please talk to ParlICT before privately purchasing any additional ICT equipment or software for use in your office, as some items may not be compatible or able to be supported on the APH network. Additional ICT which you wish to claim from your annual budget for office expenses must be sourced and provided by DPS. ICT and services not procured through DPS will not be covered by your office budget.

Australian Parliament House Network

DPS provides hardware to connect each electorate, ministerial and office holder office and Commonwealth Parliament Offices to Parliament House via the Australian Parliament House Network (also called the Extended Parliamentary Network). Contact DPS’ 2020 Service Desk for enquiries concerning the APH Network.


DPS manages a user-assist website called ParlICT to communicate IT provisions, election related advice, and other pertinent IT information. You and your staff gain access to the ParlICT website after completing a DPS Parliamentary Computing Network agreement (PCN Agreement), which can be obtained from DPS.

Protection of data

Your office should maintain current backup copies of your computer-based files to protect data in the event of:

  • hard disc failure
  • accidental deletion of hard disc files
  • computer virus attack
  • natural disaster such as flood or fire, or
  • loss or theft of computer equipment.

Contact DPS’ 2020 Service Desk for assistance in backing up computer-based records and advice regarding the security of office data.

ICT training

Parliamentarians and their staff are able to access a range of ICT training services. ICT training services are administered by DPS and are offered either:

  • face-to-face (instructor-led training delivered via a formal ICT classroom setting); or
  • online (virtual instructor-led training or self-paced eLearning resources accessed via an ICT device).

Further information on the ICT training services available to MOP(S) Act employees can be found on the ICT Training pages of the ParlICT website.

Note: you will need to be logged on to the Parliamentary Computing Network (PCN) to view content on the ParlICT website. If you experience any issues accessing the ParlICT website or have any questions regarding the ICT training services provided by DPS, please contact the 2020 Service Desk.

Last updated: 06 February 2020