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Telephone Services in Offices

Overarching Obligations

The Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017 imposes overarching obligations.
The dominant purpose and value for money tests and specified conditions must be met. See s25, 26, 27, 28.

For purposes related to the conduct of your parliamentary business, each office, other than a visiting suite, is provided with:

  • two telephone exchange lines (plus an additional two lines in one electorate office only)
  • an additional line for facsimile transmissions (if requested)
  • handsets
  • a Message Bank service (or telephone answering machine, if requested)
  • a music on-hold player.

These resources must not be used for commercial purposes (such as business calls for you or another person).

Costs and Reporting

The costs relating to office telephones, including installation, equipment rental and calls are paid by the relevant Ministerial and Parliamentary Services State office. Costs relating to office and mobile telephones appear as a separate line item in your Monthly Management Reports.

Overseas calls for the purposes of conducting your parliamentary business may be made at Commonwealth expense from your electorate, Ministerial or Office Holder office. To protect your privacy, Ministerial and Parliamentary Services is not provided with detailed records of the telephone numbers called.

Directory Listings

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services arranges listings for Senators and Members in White Pages and the Sensis online network directories. A group listing under ‘Parliamentarians’ shows all Senators for the States and Territories covered by a particular directory, and all Members whose electorate is covered by that directory. Photographic entries are not provided.

1300 Numbers

Each Senator and Member whose electorate encompasses more than one STD area may choose to have a 1300 number to provide their constituents with access to their Senator or Member at the cost of a local call. If chosen, this facility is connected to one of the four telephone exchange lines provided.

Last updated: 14 October 2019