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Office signage

Overarching obligations

The Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017 imposes overarching obligations.
The dominant purpose and value for money tests and specified conditions must be met. See s25, 26, 27, 28.
The Commonwealth is not liable to pay an expense or provide a public resource where you contravene any of these obligations (s29, PBR Act).

Signage for your electorate, ministerial or office holder office, as determined by the Minister, is provided for your parliamentary business. 

The production and installation of office signage is managed and paid for by your Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (MaPS) state office.

Signage guidelines

Signage is provided to assist constituents and visitors to locate, identify and contact a parliamentarian's office. 

Office signage must conform to the terms of the applicable lease, as well as any local government requirements.

State managers arrange signage for your office, including selecting the size, type, and number of electorate office signs, with a view to meeting the needs of constituents, providing equity, and achieving value for money.

Signs may include:

  • your name
  • the name of your State/Territory or electoral division
  • your party affiliation
  • your party logo OR the Commonwealth Coat of Arms
  • a photo of you
  • office opening hours
  • contact details, including office phone and fax numbers, email address, website, and your social media sites.

Signage must not be used for commercial purposes.

The Commonwealth will not meet the cost of the following:

  • free-standing and illuminated signs, unless such signage is already in place and its conversion represents value for money.
  • inclusion of any slogans or additional photographs or graphics, including background imagery
  • references on electorate office signage to any portfolios or positions held other than being a member or a senator, unless the signage is for a combined ministerial/electorate office
  • A-frame/ sandwich boards.

Display of material inside and outside the office

No signage containing material for commercial purposes, such as advertising or the logo of a business, can be displayed inside or outside the office (for further guidance see Selection and use of offices).

Political or election campaign material must not be displayed:

  • on the exterior walls, windows, fences etc. of a Commonwealth-funded office (including a satellite office)
  • inside the office where it is clearly visible from outside the office.

Although it is accepted that you may use your office and facilities in support of your re-election, in displaying material inside the office, you should take care to avoid the perception that your electorate, ministerial or office holder office is being used as a campaign office. Note that you are personally responsible and accountable for the use of your office and you must be prepared to publicly justify it.

Last updated: 31 March 2021