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Responsibilities for electorate, Ministerial and office holder office issues

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (MaPS), the Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) and the contracted property services provider are responsible for the provision and management of different aspects of the facilities, furniture and equipment provided at your electorate, Ministerial and office holder offices.

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services

Contact your MaPS State Office concerning:

  • office telephony issues (i.e. excluding smartphones, mobile telephones and satellite telephones), see Telephone services in offices
  • security panels, duress alarms and programming of access systems, see Security - office and information
  • provision of office equipment including TVs, folding machine and postage meter.
  • provision of (new/replacement) standard furniture, fittings, equipment and facilities
  • whitegoods¬†(new)
  • post office boxes
  • signage

Department of Parliamentary Services

Contact the DPS 2020 Service Desk concerning IT issues and Office Information Technology and Equipment.

The DPS is responsible for:

  • computer facilities linked to the Parliament House network
  • installation, repair and replacement of office information technology equipment (including multi-function printers/devices), software and network infrastructure
  • training for the standard operating environment
  • the purchase, repair and replacement of smartphones, mobile telephones and satellite telephones;
  • the provision of remote access tokens.

Contracted property services provider

The following issues should be logged with the contracted property services provider

  • air conditioning services maintenance and faults
  • automatic, manual and roller door servicing and faults
  • building services infrastructure: including climate control, sprinkler systems, lifts, fire systems, plumbing and lighting
  • building maintenance including shared building areas such as car parks, stairwells, toilets etc.
  • cleaning: general office, window cleaning, graffiti removal, sanitary bins, etc.
  • communication with landlords, agents, body corporate and other building tenants
  • electrical repairs and maintenance
  • emergency management including evacuation plans, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors
  • flagpole maintenance
  • gardening: general garden and ground maintenance
  • general repairs: carpet and floor coverings, walls, window furnishings, plumbing, ceiling repairs, furniture repairs, carpentry, painting and all other internal maintenance issues
  • lighting: general (changing light globes/tubes) and emergency lighting
  • locksmith requirements (new keys, maintenance and replacement)
  • office equipment repairs including TVs
  • pest control
  • waste removal: general, recycling and secure waste
  • water: boiling and cold water unit repairs
  • whitegoods¬†(repairs)
  • windows: glazing and repairs.

It is important to log these issues, to ensure continuity of property information held by the provider, and because systemic issues can inform future lease negotiations.

Note: From 1 December, the new contracted property services provider is Ventia. You can log your issues through their 24/7 help desk on 1300 652 114 or email An online client portal for maintenance requests will be available in early 2021.

Reporting and logging issues

Please provide the following information so that your job can be logged accurately:

  • Parliamentarian's office name and address
  • name and contact details of the onsite person the contractor can speak with before commencing work
  • exact location of fault within the office or common area (such as lift, toilets)
  • exact nature of the fault (please be as specific as possible)
  • urgency to repair the fault:
    • emergency (for example, burst pipe, roof collapse)
    • urgent (for example, electrical outage, broken window)
    • routine (for general repairs and maintenance).

When job requests are received by the contracted property services provider, a work order will be issued to the contractor assigned to the job. If an email address is provided at the time the request is logged an email notification will also be forwarded to the person requesting the works and the person listed as the site contact for their information. The email notifications to the requestor and site contact will show details of the contractor to whom the work has been allocated, details of the work requested and the expected timeframe for the work to be completed.

Last updated: 30 November 2020