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Four wheel drive vehicles

Private plated vehicles are leased through a whole-of-government fleet provider (currently sgfleet).

Where relevant, it is expected that you will take over the use of your predecessor’s private plated vehicle until the end of its lease.

You should seek to achieve value for money when requesting a vehicle to meet your needs. This is best determined from the monthly leasing costs which will be provided to you by sgfleet during their management of the ordering process.

Provision of four-wheel drive vehicle

A member of the House of Representatives for an electoral division with an area greater than 300,000km2, may request a four-wheel drive private plated vehicle instead of a standard private plated vehicle.

A senator for the Northern Territory or a member of the House of Representatives for an electoral division with an area greater than 300,000km2 may request an additional four wheel drive private plated vehicle. Where an additional four wheel drive vehicle is provided, the lease cost for that vehicle will be deducted from either (or a combination of) your electorate allowance and/or your large electorate unscheduled commercial transport limit.

Electorates of greater than 300,000km2

  • Durack
  • Grey
  • Kennedy
  • Lingiari
  • Maranoa
  • O'Connor
  • Parkes

Selection of a four-wheel drive vehicle

You may, but are not required to, select a four-wheel drive vehicle which is on the list of standard private plated vehicles. You are expected to select the lowest priced four‑wheel drive vehicle (and model within the range) that will meet your operational requirements. Vehicles are ordered through the fleet provider in the same way as other private-plated vehicles.

Running and maintenance costs

The arrangements for running and maintenance costs for an additional four-wheel drive vehicle are the same as for other private-plated vehicles.

Safety equipment

Upon request, your State Manager will provide you with a satellite telephone service and/or an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) for workplace health and safety reasons. You may choose to be provided with a hand-held personal locator beacon instead of an EPIRB.

Last updated: 11 December 2019