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Non-standard private plated vehicle

A senator, or a member of the House of Representatives for an electoral division with an area less than 300,000km2, may request a non-standard private plated vehicle instead of a standard private plated vehicle.

Request for a non-standard vehicle

A request for a non-standard vehicle should be submitted in writing to Ministerial and Parliamentary Services.

  • It is generally expected that a non‑standard vehicle would only be provided when an existing leased vehicle is due for replacement.
  • A subsequent formal request is not required if replacing your existing non‑standard vehicle with a vehicle of similar type, provided your circumstances remain unchanged.

A proposal for a non-standard vehicle should provide justification for the standard and type of vehicle sought, including any special features. You are expected to request the lowest priced vehicle (and model within a range) that will meet your operational requirements.

See also Requesting a private plated vehicle.

Reduction of large electorates unscheduled commercial transport limit or electorate allowance

If you request a non-standard private plated vehicle, you must nominate for the excess lease cost for the non-standard vehicle to be deducted from either your electorate allowance and/or your large electorate unscheduled commercial transport limit set out in:

subsection 14(1), Parliamentary Business Resources Regulations 2017.
(clause 3.7, Remuneration Tribunal (Members of Parliament) Determination 2020).

Parliamentarians that do not have a large electorate unscheduled commercial transport limit may only select their electorate allowance.

The excess lease cost is the difference between the lease cost of the non-standard vehicle and the lease cost of the most expensive standard vehicle on the list of standard vehicles.

If you elect to pay the difference from your:

  • large electorate unscheduled commercial transport limit - initially a pro rata amount will be deducted from the budget for the remainder of the current financial year and thereafter the full annual amount will be deducted at the beginning of each financial year
  • electorate allowance - arrangements will be made with the relevant House Department for deductions to be made monthly.

Timing for calculation of reduction

The additional lease cost will be determined when the final contract supplement for the lease is issued, and remains fixed for the term of the lease. Prior to the issue of the final contract supplement, MaPS State Managers are able to provide indicative costs only.

The additional lease cost is recalculated each time an approved non‑standard vehicle is replaced.

Last updated: 17 November 2020