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Requesting a private plated vehicle

Private plated vehicles are leased through a whole-of-government fleet provider (currently sgfleet). Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (MaPS) has been assigned a VIP Manager from sgfleet who deals with queries and orders relating to PPV leases for parliamentarians and their staff.

Where relevant, it is expected that you will take over the use of your predecessor’s private plated vehicle until the end of its lease.

You should seek to achieve value for money when requesting a vehicle to meet your needs. This is best determined from the monthly leasing costs which will be provided to you by sgfleet during their management of the ordering process.

Lease of vehicle

The sgfleet VIP manager will provide you with the latest standard list of available vehicles and a Request for Lease Quote form to be completed when ordering a vehicle. Vehicle orders are placed with the fleet provider and may take some months to fill.

When determining the term of a lease, the fleet provider considers the projected usage of the vehicle (i.e. the number of kilometres (km) likely to be driven), as well as factors such as the warranty provided for the vehicle and the local road and weather conditions. It is expected that you will retain the vehicle for the entire length of the lease term. Lease periods are typically 100,000km/three years, however the lease term is reviewed regularly and may be adjusted to ensure the lease achieves value for money. 

Optional extras and impact on value of vehicle

Requests for optional extras to be added to a vehicle should only be made at the time the vehicle order is placed. Optional extras that can be fitted by the vehicle’s dealer, that were overlooked at the time the vehicle was ordered, may only be added until the time of the vehicle’s first scheduled service.

Should you wish to add dealer-fitted optional extras after the original order is placed, you must discuss the matter with the fleet provider. This will allow the fleet provider to make arrangements with the contracted vehicle supplier and ensure that the fitting dealer is given the required advance notice.

All optional extras included in the cost of the lease must be kept with the vehicle, and returned with the vehicle:

  • at the end of the vehicle lease
  • after the vehicle is written off in an accident, or
  • when you cease to hold office

(whichever occurs first).

Where the cost of optional extras brings the total value of the vehicle above the luxury car tax threshold, you must pay the difference by way of a lump sum payment at the time the final contract supplement for the vehicle is issued.

The cost of the following dealer-fitted optional extras are not taken into account when determining the recommended retail price of the vehicle:

  • automatic transmission
  • bonnet protector
  • cargo barrier
  • carpet mats
  • standard tow pack
  • bull bar (or similar), driving lights or a kangaroo repellent device (where Ministerial and Parliamentary Services considers that you will be using the vehicle in circumstances where collision with kangaroos or other wildlife could occur)
  • electronic stability control.

A reverse parking sensor or camera, Bluetooth hands-free mobile phone functionality, a full sized spare wheel and a first aid kit will automatically be included with all private plated vehicles, where possible.

Where Bluetooth handsfree mobile phone functionality is not factory fitted, a separate handsfree mobile phone car kit will not be installed after delivery of the vehicle, but additions such as an external aerial may be added.

Safety equipment

Upon request, you will be provided with a satellite telephone service and/or an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) for workplace health and safety reasons. You may choose to be provided with a hand-held personal locator beacon instead of an EPIRB.

MaPS and fleet provider responsibilities

sgfleet is responsible for:

  • private plated vehicle renewal emails and telephone follow up;
  • processing of quotes and orders;
  • dealing with accident management;
  • forwarding infringement notices;
  •  paying reimbursements for out-of-pocket costs (such as when a fuel card is lost or not working; and
  • contacting parliamentarians and their staff regarding due and overdue servicing.

MaPS state offices are responsible for:

  • advice on use of private plated vehicles within the parliamentary business resources framework
  • providing advice on the approval process for non-standard private plated vehicles
  • invoicing for certain administration fees incurred, and
  • remaining a contact point for escalation of issues.


For any queries relating to private plated vehicles orders and the running of a private-plated vehicle, please contact the sgfleet MaPS Manager on 03 6242 2102, email:

Last updated: 03 February 2020