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Return of private plated vehicle

Return of private plated vehicle

Your private plated vehicle must be returned immediately to Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (MaPS) (or an authorised agent acting on behalf of either MaPS or the contracted vehicle supplier), when your access to that vehicle ceases, because you:

  • are no longer a Senator or Member; or
  • no longer hold an office that provides access to a private plated vehicle; or
  • the vehicle lease expires.

Fair wear and tear

Your private plated vehicle must be returned at the end of its lease in a sound, serviceable condition. This can reduce any charges to the Commonwealth and help achieve the best possible sale price at disposal of the vehicle. When assessing a vehicle’s condition at the end of its lease term, the fleet provider takes into account any deterioration in the vehicle’s overall condition that is considered fair wear and tear for the distances travelled and the age of the vehicle. Unfair wear and tear is any deterioration judged as unacceptable against industry standards that may require refurbishment prior to sale.

A summary of guidance on industry fair wear and tear standards, reproduced, with permission, from the Fair Wear and Tear Guide produced in 2005 by the Australian Fleet Lessors Association is attached: Fair Wear and Tear Guide Summary.

Purchase of private plated vehicle

If you wish to purchase your private plated vehicle after its lease has expired, or where its lease is due to expire shortly, you should make arrangements directly with the fleet provider. You are personally responsible for all costs associated with the purchase.

Regardless of the progress of the purchase negotiations, you must return the vehicle:

  • immediately when its lease expires; or
  • when you leave the Parliament
    (whichever occurs earlier).

Where a private plated vehicle that is due for return is not returned immediately, any costs that are incurred because the vehicle was returned late will be recovered from you as a debt due to the Commonwealth.

Last updated: 12 December 2019