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Standard private plated vehicle

You should seek to achieve value for money when requesting a vehicle to meet your needs. This is best determined from the monthly leasing costs which will be provided to you by sgfleet during their management of the ordering process.

List of standard private plated vehicles and price cap

The vehicles on the list are subject to a price cap based on the luxury car tax threshold for non-fuel efficient vehicles (the threshold), as determined by the Australian Tax Office.

*Note: this list is regularly updated. Please refer to the latest list supplied by the sgfleet VIP manager.

Please review the standard list and discuss your needs with the sgfleet VIP manager. If you cannot find a vehicle that meets your specific needs, you will need to make a request for a non-standard vehicle to your relevant Ministerial and Parliamentary State Manager, outlining the reasons for the request.

Last updated: 17 November 2020