Connecting you quicker – automated Help Desk phone menu

Date published
05 July 2021
Image of desk with phone on it and text saying Help desk

The MaPS Help Desk now has an automated system to connect you directly to a team for targeted advice.

When you call the Help Desk, you will hear a list of options for where to direct your call. These options are:




pay and conditions including, salary, leave, professional development and PEMS HR support


HR advice and support including work health and safety, and other employment matters, then:


if you are a parliamentarian


if you are a MOP(S) Act employee


office expenses including use of expenses, claims processing, and PEMS Office support.

This quick reference sheet is a printable bookmark – stick it to your computer screen for easy reference.

We are making it easier to get in contact with us, and to get the advice you need, when you need it. Calls previously made to Advice and Support Directors (ASDs) should also be directed to the Help Desk.

We are committed to continuously improving the services we offer you and we look forward to hearing your feedback. Get in touch at