MOP(S) Act Employee Induction Program

Date published
10 August 2022
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MaPS is pleased to announce the launch of a new Induction Program for MOP(S) Act employees, which includes an online foundation module and half-day face to face induction sessions.

Registrations for face-to-face induction sessions are now open via the MOP(S) Learning Portal. You will need a MOP(S) Learning account to register for the induction session. If you do not have a MOP(S) Learning account, please contact to create one.

Online foundation module

The self-paced module will provide you with information relating to your employment under the MOP(S) Act, including workplace support options available. You are strongly encouraged to complete the module in the first few weeks of your employment. Existing MOP(S) Act employees are encouraged to complete the online foundation module to refresh their understanding.

Face-to-face induction sessions

These sessions will be delivered at Commonwealth Parliament Offices (CPOs) across Australia commencing in late August 2022. These sessions are targeted at new MOP(S) Act employees, with a focus on understanding workplace behaviours and responsibilities, as well as employment arrangements under the MOP(S) Act and enterprise agreement, and workplace support options available.

Existing employees

We encourage you to complete the online Induction Foundation module to refresh your responsibilities as an employee under the MOP(S) Act and understand the support options available.