MOP(S) Act Employee Induction Program for new and existing staff

Date published
18 October 2022
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The MaPS Induction Program is now available to all MOP(S) Act employees via the MOP(S) Learning Portal. You will need a MOP(S) Learning account to register. If you do not have a MOP(S) Learning account, please contact to create one.

All staff are encouraged to attend. You will learn about your WHS obligations, workplace behaviours and responsibilities, as well as employment arrangements under the MOP(S) Act, expenses, terms and conditions and workplace support options available.

2023 Face to face Induction  

Face to face Induction sessions have been scheduled across all states from February 2023. You will hear from our HR experts, interact with other MOPS(S) Act staff from across your state and get to know your Commonwealth Parliamentary Office (CPO). If you are interested in attending face to face Induction, please register for an upcoming session via MOP(S) Learning here.

If you would like to arrange an Induction session to be delivered in your office, please contact

Virtual Induction

Sessions are delivered face to screen monthly, via GovTEAMS. Login now to MOP(S) Learning and register for the next available face to screen session here.

Online Foundation module

All new employees should complete the Online foundation module, a self-paced module that will provide you with foundation information relating to your employment under the MOP(S) Act, including workplace support options available. You are strongly encouraged to complete the module in the first few weeks of your commencement. Existing MOP(S) Act employees are encouraged to complete the Online foundation module to refresh their understanding of employment arrangements.