Date published
04 August 2022
Did you know
  • The information you previously received in the Monthly Management Reports (MMRs) is now only available for you to directly access and view in PEMS. More information regards PEMS features including, getting expenses reports and other PEMS handy tips can be found in the August 22 factsheet.
  • It is anticipated that expenditure report functionality in PEMS will be available later in 2022. More information regarding expenditure reports in PEMS will be provided in the coming months.
  • When submitting a marketing claim, you can provide a link (URL - internet address) to your video/communications footage, via the (social) media platform you’re using it on e.g. YouTube. 
  • You can personalise your PEMS home page by adding and removing tile functions. Find out more in the August 22 factsheet.