Travel approval following the election

Date published
25 May 2022
MaPS news

This information applies to any MOP(S) Act employee who was employed as 20 May 2022, is in a deferral period and needs to undertake travel.

Travel approval

The Finance Minister has signed a Determination approving travel until 3 June 2022 for any MOP(S) Act employee who is in a deferral period for the purpose of:

  • packing up and/or moving their Parliamentarian’s office; or
  • to attend incoming policy or departmental briefings (for employees of the former Shadow Ministry)

This travel may be to:

  • Canberra; or
  • the location of an office provided at Commonwealth expense. 

Staff do not need further approval from Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (MaPS).

A copy of this Determination will be available on the MaPS website.

Travel for any other reason during employee’s deferral period is not permitted without prior MaPS approval.  Any requests to undertake travel for other reasons should be submitted to

Travel allowance

Staff required to stay overnight away from their previous work base when travelling can claim travel allowance . Please lodge claim forms for travel allowance with the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority. Please note the reason for your travel on the claim form.

Travel after 3 June 2022

After 3 June 2022, any travel undertaken by MOP(S) Act employees who are in a deferral period will require prior approval from MaPS. Any requests for this travel approval after 3 June 2022 should be sent to