Professional Development Program

Last updated
14 February 2023

The Professional Development Program (PDP) encompasses a range of training and resources designed to enhance and develop skills and knowledge to support MOP(S) Act employees in current and future roles.

The PDP is predominately provided on MOP(S) Learning, an online learning management system that all ongoing and non-ongoing MOP(S) Act employees have default access to. Staff can access learning through a range of methods, with live learning experiences delivered virtually or face-to-face as well as self-paced options through e-learning and resources e.g. tools, templates, articles, books, podcasts, and videos)

Ways to access professional development:

Live learning
Face to screen

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Face to face

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Live learning

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In line with the L&D Framework for MOP(S) Act employees, the PDP features education and training that are categorised across five capability areas of focus:

Working in the parliamentary environment
Working effectively with constituents
Safe and respectful workplaces (includes mental health and wellbeing
Professional Development

The full PDP course catalogue, including session dates and times is available via MOP(S) Learning.

The MOP(S) Education Team is happy to consult with offices on their training needs to assist in finding quality, fit for purpose solutions. Contact us at

If an office engages volunteers who would like to access the PDP, please contact the MOP(S) Education Team to discuss options.

For assistance logging in to MOP(S) Learning, please see the MOP(S) Learning user log in guide (see related resources – User guides).

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