Track your budget reports

Last updated
23 November 2022

Did you know you can track budget reports without the Monthly Management Reports?

Staffing and claims information contained in previous monthly reports is available electronically in PEMS. You can view and check this information at any time in PEMS.
For further guidance on how to access the information please refer to attached Budget and Expenditure Reports factsheet.

Can I rely on the data in the system?

Yes, the data entered into the system is correct as entered and submitted by you and your staff.

You can continue to monitor claims and your budgets in PEMS, and if a claim has been entered incorrectly, staff from MaPS and IPEA are available to assist you and your staff to update the claim.

Any adjustments to a claim will flow through to the relevant budget.

Will I be required to certify my claims?

Each time you submit a claim through PEMS, you are certifying the claim has been made in line with your requirements and obligations under the Parliamentary Business Resources framework. 

What additional training or support can I access?

Department of Finance and IPEA are available to provide tailored assistance to you and your office to assist with setting up dashboards, how to access budget reports and submitting claims. 

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