Safe and respectful workplaces training

Last updated
24 May 2022

One of the key recommendations from the Review of the Parliamentary Workplace: Responding to Serious Incidents was face-to-face tailored workplace education for parliamentarians and MOP(S) Act employees that supports them to understand their rights and responsibilities in the workplace, what constitutes unacceptable behaviour and how to respond to serious incidents when they occur.

The Safe and Respectful Workplaces training program has been developed in response to this recommendation. Information on booking upcoming sessions for June and July will be available post-Election.

The training is delivered through a one hour session for each parliamentarian with their Chief of Staff and/or a nominated MOP(S) Act employee, and a separate 2 hour session for MOP(S) Act employees.

All parliamentarians and staff will be given the opportunity to complete the training which they can register for in MOP(S) Learning.

Further information is available in Circular 2021/9, or by contacting the MaPS Help Desk.

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