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The WHS resources below include articles, fact sheets and links to websites for information on WHS topics, including: bullying and harassment; workplace safety; self help and more.

Bullying and Harassment

Safe Work Australia guide for employees that provides information for employees who believe they are experiencing or witnessing workplace bullying and those who have had a bullying complaint made against them.

Safe Work Australia guide for employers and managers about how to manage the risks of workplace bullying as part of meeting their duties under work health and safety legislation.

Resource kit from Comcare to assist in preventing workplace bullying. The kit includes a Pocket Guide and a Two-Minute Talk Script for managers.

Advice from the Australian Human Rights Commission on Violence, Harassment and Bullying.

Advice from the Australian Human Rights Commission on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination.

Sexual Harassment Awareness presentation to Senators and Members on 28 November 2012:

Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces

A publication prepared jointly by Comcare and the Australian Public Service Commission. As it was developed primarily for the APS, it refers to some aspects of the employee lifecycle that operate differently in the MOP(S) Act employment environment. For specific advice on MOP(S) Act employment, tailored to the particular circumstances of a Senator or Member’s office, Senators and Members should contact their Advice and Support Director, and MOP(S) Act employees should contact the Staff Help Desk.

Comcare resources:

Australian Human Rights Commission guide for managers and employers about managing and supporting employees with mental illness.

A series of Beyond Blue programs which focus on understanding depression and anxiety in the workplace:

Mental Health Self-Help Resources

  • Head to Health, the Department of Health provides information, resources and services to support wellbeing.
  • MoodGYM is an interactive web program developed by the Australian National University, designed to prevent depression.
  • MindSpot is an online assessment and treatment funded by the Department of Health and developed by Macquarie University. Treatment courses cover wellbeing and managing symptoms of depression and anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • e-couch is a self-help interactive program developed the Australian National University on depression, generalised anxiety and worry, social anxiety, relationship breakdown, and loss and grief
  • myCompass developed by the Black Dog Institute with support from the Department of Health, which includes interactive modules, and aims to help users manage moods associated with stress, anxiety and depression.

Guidance on Employment and Management

Guidance on hiring new employees, published by the Fair Work Ombudsman. This material is general in nature, and refers to some employer responsibilities, such as the administration of salaries, superannuation and taxation, that are undertaken by the Department of Finance on behalf of Senators and Members. For specific advice on MOP(S) Act employment, tailored to the particular circumstances of a Senator or Member’s office, the Senator or Member should contact their Advice and Support Director.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has developed a suite of online training materials to encourage good employment practices. The online learning courses take around 20 - 30 minutes to complete. Currently, the topics covered are: Hiring employees, Starting a new job, Difficult conversations in the workplace and Managing performance.

Managing Relationships at Work

Comcare guides:

Suicide Prevention

SUICIDE, The Forever Decision by Dr. Paul G. Quinnett

SANE Australia fact sheets:

Community Services

  • Police Assistance Line: 131 444
  • Lifeline:  13 11 14
  • Beyond Blue:  1300 224 636
  • Suicide Call Back Service:  1300 659 467

Domestic Violence Referral Services

Travelling for Work

NSW Govt fact sheet:

Comcare fact sheets:

Wellbeing Tip Sheets

The EAP provider for MOP(S) Act Staff, Assure Services, offers a range of wellbeing tip sheets including:

  • The neuroscience of resilience
  • Switching off from tech
  • Positive family relationships
  • Looking after your mental health
  • Nutrition and psychological wellbeing
  • Mindful living
  • Working smarter not harder
  • Mastering recovery to avoid burnout
  • Managing stress effectively
  • Maintaining positive relationships at work
  • 10 tips for better sleep

Workplace Safety

Comcare guides for employers and workers:

Heart Foundation guides:

Last updated: 19 February 2021