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Section B1 – Emergency Management

Emergency Management Services

Emergency management services provided by the contracted provider include:

  • an initial site inspection of all offices to audit fire safety and emergency response equipment and establish the emergency management services required in each office;
  • review of emergency response procedures and plans;
  • where required, preparation of an emergency plan, including: signage, manuals and information for MOP(S) Act employees; and
  • where required, training of an EO and DEO.

The contracted emergency management services provider will contact each Senator or Member’s office directly to arrange these services.

Emergency Officers

EOs are responsible for annually facilitating, in conjunction with the emergency management service provider, a full-scale evacuation drill at their office, facilitating emergency evacuations as necessary, inducting new workers with emergency procedures and assisting the WHS Site Officer (where the WHS Site Officer is not also the EO), to monitor and report WHS risks and incidents.  A Senator or Member nominates a MOP(S) Act employee to be an EO or DEO by completing the WHS Roles Nomination Form.

WHS Roles Nomination Form

Emergency Officer Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the appointed EO will vary depending on the nature of the office in which they work, and are set out in the Emergency Officer Responsibilities.

Emergency Officer & Deputy Emergency Officer Training

In order to fulfil the requirements of the role, all EOs and DEOs will receive the following:

  • onsite first attack fire skills training;
  • equipment and bomb threat theory training; and
  • site specific emergency procedures.

DEOs will be trained to facilitate a smooth transition should the EO cease their role.

The contracted provider of emergency management services will facilitate training for EOs.  Finance will provide the details of nominated MOP(S) Act employees to the provider, who will contact employees directly to arrange training.

Last updated: 06 November 2019