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Section D – Reporting, Review and Approval


All occurrences of workplace illness or injury must be reported to the contracted WHS and Occupational Rehabilitation Services provider. If the provider is unavailable, for example because the incident occurred outside standard working hours, notifiable incidents must be reported to Comcare immediately. The Notifiable Incident Flowchart will assist in determining what incidents should be reported to Comcare immediately.

Comcare:  1300 366 979

View Notifiable Incident Flowchart


First aid and emergency management systems and procedures will be regularly monitored by Finance, in consultation with employing Senators and Members, the contracted work health and safety service providers, FAOs, EOs, and MOP(S) Act employees. Monitoring will be done by analysing incident/injury data and the information gathered through quarterly first aid kit inspections.  Ad hoc reviews may also take place following any substantial workforce changes, such as office relocations, a change in the profile of MOP(S) Act employees following an election, or where otherwise deemed appropriate.

Last updated: 11 December 2019