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  • Helpdesk Extended Hours

    Extended Operating Hours for M&PS Help Desks

    A three-month trial of extended hours of operation for the M&PS Help Desks will commence from 5 December 2016. During this time, the M&PS Help Desks will be open between 8:30am to 8:00pm AEDT.

  • review-committee

    Review Committee Recommendations

    The terms ‘entitlements’ and ‘benefits’ are progressively being replaced with ‘work expenses’ throughout this website (Recommendation 2a). Further advice will be provided as other Review Committee recommendations are implemented.

Topics of Interest

Are all the WHS roles within your office filled?

Use Form 144: Work Health and Safety (WHS) Roles Nomination to nominate a:

WHS site officer WHS Site Officer
A WHS Site Officer is trained to carry out certain WHS tasks at their workplace, such as risk assessment and identifying and reporting hazards and incidents.
First aid officer First Aid Officer
A First Aid Officer is trained to provide first aid. They also maintain first aid facilities in their office, and assist the WHS Site Officer to monitor and report WHS hazards and incidents.
Emergency officer Emergency Officer
An Emergency Officer is trained to provide information on emergency management and coordinate emergency responses at their workplace.




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