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  • Rubberband balls

    Ordering of Constituents' Request Programme (CRP) Items

    From 1 July 2015 all CRP items: flags, portraits of the Queen, the national symbol booklet and anthem CD and DVD, can be ordered through the OrderMax online tool.

  • EA Processing Timeframes. Pay Dates, Entitlement. 16 July 2015, ESA allocation changes. 30 July 2015, ESA allocation changes and Retention payments. 13 August 2015, Common salary increment. 27 August 2015, Common salary increment.

    Enterprise Agreement (EA) Processing Timeframes

    The table above outlines the expected timeframes for processing of entitlements under the Enterprise Agreement.

  • End of Financial Year Processing. 2014/15 Capped Budgets: Printing and communications, office requisites and stationery, publications, desktop and hand-waver flags, relief staff budget, family pooled travel, family interstate travel, electorate charter

    End of Financial Year Processing

    Important: for capped entitlements the budgets are debited based on the date that an entitlement is accessed or received, not the date an order or booking has been placed, or the employment agreement is received.

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    Annual Review of Electorate Staff Allowance (ESA) Allocations

    ESA annual review advice must be provided to M&PS on or before 30 June 2015 otherwise existing allocations will continue to apply. Changes to ESA allocations can be scanned and emailed to MOPSPay&Conditions@finance.gov.au prior to 1 July 2015.

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    Have you changed your home and/or postal address?

    If so, please notify the Staff Help Desk of any changes as soon as possible to ensure receipt of your payment summary for the 2014/2015 financial year.

Topics of Interest

  • Tax: 27 Pay Days in 2015/2016 Financial Year
    In the F/Y 2015/16 there will be 27 pay periods instead of the usual 26. This extra pay may result in insufficient tax being withheld overall. If you are concerned about the tax shortfall, you can request an additional amount of tax be deducted from your pay, as per the ATO table below, by emailing MOPSPay&Conditions@finance.gov.au.
Fortnightly earnings $ Additional fortnightly tax deduction $
1,400 to 3,049 12
3,050 to 6,799 17
6,800 and over 42

For the deduction to commence from the beginning of the F/Y, the request must be received by M&PS before Tues 23 June 15.

    Note: The above amounts are based on the tax rates for the current F/Y, and may be updated by the ATO once the tax rates for the 2015/16 F/Y are published.

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