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    New Rates of Travelling Allowance

    New rates of domestic travelling allowance for Senators and Members and specified Office Holders took effect from 31 August 2014 under Remuneration Tribunal Determination 2014/16.

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    Increase in Canberra TA Rates

    The Canberra TA rates for MOP(S) Act Employees increased effective from 31 August 2014.

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    Early Pay Cut-Off for Pay day 9 Oct 14

    Due to the public holidays on 29 Sep (ACT) and 6 Oct (ACT, NSW, QLD & SA), the cut-off for payday 9 Oct will be Friday 26 Sep 14. Any documents that will affect your pay must be received in M&PS by Friday 26 Sep for inclusion in payday 9 Oct 14.

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    Remittance Advice Notifications

    Remittance advices are now emailed by Finance showing details of the payments made. For queries concerning remittance advices please contact M&PS.

Topics of Interest

  • Office Requisites and Stationery
    Office requisites and stationery items purchased from suppliers other than OfficeMax may not be reimbursed.

    Purchasing items through the OfficeMax online tool, OrderMax, ensures that:

    • items are within entitlement;
    • provides easier monitoring of your budget; and
    • offers better value for money, with around a 14% saving achieved as a Whole of Government arrangement.

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