Employment agreements and contracts

Last updated
22 December 2022

Parliamentarians employ their staff on behalf of the Commonwealth. MOP(S) Act employees may be employed on an ongoing, non-ongoing basis (no more than 12 months), or casual basis (no more than 4 weeks).

A written employment agreement between the parties is required and is to be submitted prior to commencement to MaPS.

New (or returning) employee contracts

Parliamentarians or authorised persons need to complete a new employment agreement:

  • when a new employee is employed
  • for each engagement of a non-ongoing employee
  • for each engagement of a casual employee
  • when the employee is subject to a termination of employment under the terms of the MOP(S) Act and the parliamentarian wishes to re-employ that employee.

Employees are paid by MaPS. To ensure staff receive on time payment:

To determine which forms you need to complete when establishing a new contract, see new employee contracts.

Once the employee has commenced the induction checklist (see related resources) should be completed and a performance agreement and feedback cycle should be established with their employer and manager.

The parliamentarian determines the salary within the classification and the electorate staff allowance allocation for the position.