Managing performance and feedback

Last updated
18 October 2022

Employers and managers should support each employee to perform at their best. Suggestions to do this include:

  • induct each employee into the role and the office
  • ensure each employee has a clear position description
  • establish regular performance feedback conversations.


The WHS Site Officer supports the employer and manager to ensure that all new employees and volunteers are provided with an induction into the workplace, including WHS induction.

Use the employee induction checklist (see related resources) as a guide.

Position descriptions

A position description should be available when a position is first established for a potential role prior to employees being engaged. This will assist in recruiting the right staff and will clearly define the tasks, skills, capabilities, qualifications and experience required for the role.

The employing parliamentarian is responsible for setting the tasks and responsibilities for each employee and position descriptions should reflect those expectations. Roles required vary from office to office and position descriptions should reflect the support required by the employing parliamentarian.

Use the position description template (see related resources) as a guide.

Performance feedback

Using a template to develop individual performance agreements may assist to provide consistency and clarity for all employees in the office. The performance agreement template (see related resources) assists to clearly outline responsibilities, expected outcomes and behaviours for each employee.

Employees and managers at all levels should have regular conversations relating to performance. These conversations should also be held when there is a need to encourage good performance or to reflect on and adjust performance in order to improve. You may wish to establish a regular cycle of check in conversations throughout an employee’s contract.

A performance feedback cycle is helpful for both the employer and employee. The performance system checklist (see related resources) can help you think through what might be required.

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