Last updated
09 May 2023

PEMS (Parliamentary Expenses Management System) is a secure online portal for parliamentarians and MOP(S) Act employees to manage their office and travel expenses and perform HR and payroll tasks. PEMS can be accessed from anywhere – at any time - using any device.     

To help get you started, a range of how to guides and videos are available to support you.  It is important you become familiar with PEMS features so that you can: 

  • View your payslips 
  • Manage your personal details 
  • Request leave 
  • Access your team’s calendar 

A full suite of training material is available on MOP(S) Learning. While we get your MOP(S) Learning account set up, you can explore the introductory topics below.

New PEMS password requirements

PEMS passwords are required to meet the new security complexity guidelines. PEMS is a secure online portal supported by Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). To assist with protection from unauthorised users, PEMS passwords are now required to meet security complexity guidelines. 

On your next password reset, your password must include:

  • an alphabetic letter
  • a number, and
  • a special character, such as !@#$%^&.

You will not be able to set a password that:

  • contains your first name
  • contains your last name
  • contains your user ID
  • is globally recognised as ‘weak’, such as 123456
  • you have previously used.

Existing users are not required to change their current password, however, the password complexity requirements must be met for newly created passwords and for password resets.

PEMS Email Notifications

Following feedback from PEMS users, new email notification functionality has been implemented. In addition to the existing email notifications in PEMS (for assignment and return of  domestic travel, leave applications and office claims) the system will email a notification to the parliamentarian or their authorised officer when a travel or office claim is awaiting consideration.

If you prefer not to receive PEMS notifications when a claim is ready for your action, you can opt out by changing the Email Notification Settings in the Staff & Member Profile Tile. Please be aware that this will cease all PEMS email notifications for claim actions.
For additional information on how to opt out or in please refer to OPT-IN OR OPT-OUT OF EMAIL NOTIFICATION help guide.

New PEMS Help guides available

New guidance material is now also available for review and download: 

  • Work Expense Claim Guide - The guide explains the most appropriate codes used in PEMS for your Office and staff related work expense claims.
  • Australia Post Claim Guide - The guide explains how to create an Australia Post claim and includes a checklist and example to assist you in the process.
  • Working with Dashboards Guide - The guide explains how to utilise dashboards in order to manage work expenses.
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