Refurbishments and relocations

Last updated
28 June 2021

Please contact your MaPS state or territory office regarding all requests to refurbish or relocate your office. They can provide information on the required process.

Requirements to refurbish or relocate

The Minister’s determination is required for office relocations and certain office refurbishments. In making a determination, the Minister must ensure that the expenses that are incurred, or the public resources that are provided, provide value for money. To the extent you have discretion in the provision or use of the office or office resources, your obligation to ensure value for money continues to apply.

MaPS provides guidance and consults with you and the contracted property services provider on office layout, location and furniture and fittings with the intention of providing the highest practicable degree of compatibility with your office needs, equitable access, security and work health and safety based on current knowledge and standards, and also achieving value for money. MaPS presents recommendations to the Minister based on:

  • local commercial market, lease conditions, rent, outgoings and landlord incentives
  • size and potential fit out costs
  • location in relation to key factors such as public transport links or your home base
  • disability access, work health and safety requirements and security issues
  • the likelihood of any potential electorate boundary redistributions, change in portfolio or office holder responsibilities (in which case the premises may become over- or under-sized), and re-letting the premises.

MaPS’ contracted property provider is responsible for locating and securing suitable office leases based on strict criteria. All queries in relation to an office relocation or refurbishment must be made through your MaPS state or territory manager to avoid any perceived conflicts of interest, and ensure value for money for the Commonwealth.

Size and layout of premises

Office sizes vary depending on availability of space and whether it meets national security guidelines. Second and third electorate offices are smaller than primary electorate offices. An office located within a Commonwealth Parliament Office (CPO) may be smaller due to the shared facilities within the CPO.

Office layouts usually include:

  • an entrance that provides adequate and equitable access
  • a secure reception counter
  • a personal office for you
  • an open office space for your staff
  • kitchen facilities
  • toilet and washroom facilities (where possible)
  • a multi-function room for meetings, interviews and general work
  • a storage and utilities room
  • a second exit (where possible).
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