Relocating staff

Last updated
03 August 2022
Employees are strongly encouraged to discuss a proposed relocation with MaPS.

Please contact the Ministerial and Parliamentary Services Help Desk telephone 02 6215 3333 or email at

Under the Enterprise Agreement (see related resources), MaPS may pay reasonable costs to relocate an ongoing MOP(S) Act employee in the following circumstances:

  • a new employee is recruited from a different location than where they will work
  • an existing employee is required by the employing parliamentarian to move permanently to another location
  • an existing employee is promoted or transferred to the office of a different parliamentarian and is required to move permanently to another location
  • the relocation is within Australia (or from the point of arrival in Australia).

Permanent relocations of employees can be disruptive. Consideration should be given to alternatives. Relocation costs are not met for non-ongoing or casual employees.

Read the Relocation Expenses Guideline and follow the Relocation Checklist (see related resources) for more information on entitled claims and documentation to relocate staff.

Relocation expenses

The types of relocation expenses may include:

  • travel expenses for the employee and the employee’s dependant(s)
  • removal and storage of personal and household goods
  • insurance for the removal of personal and household goods
  • pet relocation costs
  • temporary accommodation.

Relocation process

Employing parliamentarians or their authorised person should discuss and agree on the need to relocate with their employees.

MOP(S) Act employees should read the relocation expenses guideline and follow the relocation checklist (see related resources) to assist you with the relocation process. Contact to discuss your relocation plans.

It is important, to avoid the Department not reimbursing all expenses claimed, that employees take time to apply the Guideline to the totality of their family circumstances and discuss any issues with mpshelp.

Once relocation has been agreed, complete form 49 - relocation of MOP(S) Act employees (see related resources) and submit to

When you have finalised your relocation, complete form 73 - claim for reimbursement of relocation expenses (see related resources) and submit with your tax receipts to

Storage and removalists

If you are using storage and removalist companies as part of the relocation, you will need two comparable quotes. MaPS may only pay for the cheaper quote.

You will also need to obtain insurance for household goods in excess of $80,000.

If you have pets, you will need to make arrangements for their transport. MaPS will cover up to $150 in total.

Retain all tax receipts for reimbursements.

If you require storage during the relocation process, discuss your requirements with Storage may be available for up to three weeks.

Arranging travel

Discuss proposed travel arrangements with MaPS before committing arrangements, including how you and your dependents will travel to your new location.

If you decide to fly, you will need to book economy class.

If your vehicle needs to be freighted, obtain two comparable quotes. MaPS may only pay for the cheaper quote. You will also need insurance. MaPS will not insure freighted vehicles.

Arranging temporary accommodation

MaPS will pay up to three weeks of temporary accommodation in your new location. You may be required to contribute to the cost, depending on accommodation requirements. Accommodation rates will be paid depending on the location and whether it is commercial or non-commercial.

Contact to discuss your proposed accommodation before making any arrangements.

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