Pre-claim assessments

Last updated
12 February 2024

MaPS can provide advice on proposed non-travel related claims under the PBR Act to ensure you meet your obligations. Simply provide the following information to the MaPS Help Desk:

  • a description of the proposed claim (e.g. newsletter, poster, audio poster, personalised letterhead stationery, website, equipment, service, satellite office expense etc.)
  • a link to the proposed resource (if available)
  • if the proposed claim relates to a printed item, electronic material or an audio poster – a sample, printer’s proof or final print-ready copy, transcription of any audio, and if the item is not in English, an English translation
  • an explanation of which parliamentary business activity (see related resources for checklist) the claim relates to and how the claim represents value for money (including high-level details of any value for money process undertaken)
  • a contact should MaPS have any queries.

Following receipt of this information, MaPS will advise you in writing whether the expenses may be claimed. Should the resource/s be assessed as outside the parameters of a claimable expense, any cost associated with the resource is your personal responsibility. MaPS aims to carry out pre-claim assessments within two business days of receipt of all required information.

If your proposed claim alters between the pre-claim assessment and claiming the expense, advice provided by MaPS as part of the pre-claim assessment process is no longer relevant and cannot be relied upon to support the claim.

Please note that the pre-claim assessment only reviews an item against the requirements of the PBR Act. It is the responsibility of each parliamentarian to ensure any other legal requirements or authorisations are met.

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