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Flu vaccination program 2021

The annual flu vaccination program for MOP(S) Act employees is underway following the release of the 2021 flu vaccine. MaPS will reimburse the costs of the vaccine up to $25.00, administered by a medical practitioner or health professional. Visit the Flu Vaccination Program page for full details.

Recommencement of bargaining for MOP(S) Enterprise Agreement 2020-23

Bargaining for the Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement 2020-23 has recommenced. The current enterprise agreement will continue to operate until a replacement enterprise agreement is negotiated and approved. Further information is available in Circular 2021/1.

Mental Health First Aid course

MaPS offers MOP(S) Act employees a range of learning and development courses and articles through the MOP(S) Learning platform. Register now for Mental Health First Aid, an evidence-based first aid course focused on acquiring knowledge and strategies to improve the confidence and skill to offer help to someone showing the signs and symptoms of a developing mental health problem or a mental health crisis. The program is an internationally recognised anti-stigma mental health training program for workplaces.

Upcoming Events

9am - Pay Cut-Off, for pay day 27 May 2021

Pay Cut-Off

9 am - Pay Cut-Off, for payday 10 June 2021

Pay Cut-Off

9 am - Pay Cut-Off, for payday 24 June 2021

Pay Cut-Off

Parliamentary scrutiny of delegated legislation

This seminar provides participants with an understanding of the processes for the tabling, consideration and disallowance of delegated legislation. It provides practical guidance for working with the Senate Scrutiny of Delegated Legislation Committee and the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights. Register for this seminar via MOP(S) Learning.