Workplace giving program

Last updated
30 October 2023

The workplace giving program allows MOP(S) Act employees to donate directly from their pre-tax pay to one or more charities or non-profit organisations listed below.

Donations are deducted from an employee’s pre-tax pay.  At the end of each financial year, MaPS notifies employees of the amount they have donated.

More information on the Workplace Giving tax implications can be found on the Australian Tax Office website.

How to participate

Email the MaPS Help Desk stating:

  • which charities or non-profit organisations from the list below you wish to donate to and the amount (a minimum amount of $2.00 per donation is required)
  • if you wish to make your donation as an ongoing arrangement or a one-off donation.

You may start or stop your donations at any time by emailing the MaPS Help Desk. Your donations will be deducted from the next available pay cycle.

Participating charities

Employees can donate to the following organisations: