Legal assistance to Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries

Last updated
02 March 2021

If you are a Minister (or former Minister who was appointed after 24 May 1990) you may be eligible to receive assistance in meeting the cost of legal proceedings and inquiries against you which are related to your duties or conduct arising from occupying the office of Minister. Assistance is not provided for Ministers or former Ministers wishing to institute legal proceedings.

Any Minister or former Minister who may need assistance should first raise the issue with the Attorney-General. The Office of Legal Services Coordination at the Attorney-General’s Department coordinates legal assistance matters.

The PBR Regulations require the Attorney-General to inform the Parliament of each decision to provide assistance and to report on expenditure.

Staff of Ministers

Legal assistance for current and former staff employed under the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 may be available under the Legal Services Directions, Appendix E – Assistance to Commonwealth employees for legal proceedings. Contact the Attorney-General’s Department for further information.

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