Staff allowances

Last updated
14 July 2023

Electorate staff allowance (ESA)

MOP(S) Act employees employed in an ongoing or non-ongoing capacity may be eligible to receive electorate staff allowance (ESA). ESA is allocated by the employing parliamentarian to individual electorate officers in their office.

ESA is paid where an employee is expected to work reasonable additional hours beyond their ordinary hours of work. ESA is paid for employment against an established position or the Electorate Support Budget. Employees are not entitled to overtime. 

The allocation of ESA must be in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement and the guideline on Additional Hours (see related resources). To allocate ESA, opt out of receiving ESA or vary the level of ESA, complete the ESA allocation form (see related resources) and email to the MaPS Help Desk.

Parliamentary staff allowance (PSA)

Ongoing and non-ongoing personal employees are paid parliamentary staff allowance (PSA) for working reasonable additional hours beyond their ordinary hours of work.

To opt out of receiving PSA, contact the MaPS Help Desk.

Corporate responsibility allowance (CRA)

Work Health & Safety Site Officers, First Aid Officers, Emergency Officers and Staff Assistance Officers are entitled to a corporate responsibility allowance (CRA) (see related resources) for their duties within the role.

MaPS will send a Work Health and Safety nomination form to employing parliamentarians when a position becomes vacant in their office.

The completed nomination form is to be scanned and emailed to

The nominated employee will be contacted by the Department of Finance or the relevant training provider to arrange training.

Travel allowance

MOP(S) Act employees are entitled to claim travelling allowance when they are required to travel on official business and where that travel requires an overnight stay away from their work base.

Travel for MOP(S) Act employees is administered by the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA).

To claim travel allowance, send the completed IPEA - staff travelling and/or motor vehicle allowance claim form, along with relevant supporting documents, such as accommodation receipts, to

Motor vehicle allowance

MOP(S) Act employees will be paid motor vehicle allowance (see related resources) when directed by their employing parliamentarian to travel using their privately owned vehicle on official business.

To claim motor vehicle allowance, send the completed IPEA - Staff travelling and/or motor vehicle allowance claim form, along with relevant supporting documents to

Allowance in lieu of private plated vehicle (PPVA)

Senior staff with the classification of Principal Adviser, Chief of Staff or Senior Adviser may request a private-plated vehicle (PPV) or can elect to receive private-plated vehicle allowance (PPVA) of $25,082 per annum in lieu of a PPV.

Part-time employees working 30 hours and 24 minutes per week (equivalent to four 7.6 hour days) or more will receive the full PPVA rate. Employees working less than 30 hours and 24 minutes will receive a pro rata PPVA rate.

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