Parliamentary Business Resources framework

Last updated
15 June 2022

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Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017 (PBR Act)

Provides for parliamentarians’ remuneration, expenses, allowances and other public resources. The PBR Act imposes compliance and enforcement measures, and sets out the role of the Remuneration Tribunal and when remuneration and allowances commence and cease.

Parliamentary Business Resources Regulations 2017 (PBR Regulations)

Provides for travel expenses, travel allowances, work expenses, public resources (including office accommodation and equipment), insurance and legal assistance for Ministers.

Remuneration Tribunal (Members of Parliament) Determination (No.2) 2023

Determines the remuneration of parliamentarians (including base salary, office holder’s salary, private plated vehicles, internet and telephone in private residences etc.), rates of Australian travel allowance for travel within Australia and the amount of private vehicle allowance to be provided to parliamentarians, and allowances and expenses of former parliamentarians.

Parliamentary Injury Compensation Scheme Instrument 2016

Determines benefits to parliamentarians and the spouse of the Prime Minister, including injury compensation, compensation in respect of medical equipment, and benefits in respect of preventative work health or safety equipment, services or facilities.

Parliamentary Business Resources determinations and delegations

Parliamentary Business Resources (Minister for Finance) Delegation (No. 1) 2021

Delegates specified powers, functions or duties of the Minister under the PBR Act to the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, or Department of Finance officials.

Parliamentary Business Resources (Commonwealth Parliament Offices) Determination (No. 1) 2019

Provides temporary and permanent office accommodation in Commonwealth Parliament Offices, where no other relevant determination exists, and the provision of resources for those offices to each parliamentarian.

Parliamentary Business Resources (Parliamentary Business) Determination 2017

Determines the activities which fall within the four duty streams of parliamentary business (parliamentary duties, electorate duties, party political duties and official duties).

Parliamentary Business Resources (Office Holder) Determination 2017

Determines the parliamentarians that are office holders for the purposes of the PBR Act and PBR Regulations.

Parliamentary Business Resources (Preferred Providers) Determination 2017

Determines the providers that a parliamentarian must use in relation to providing, or arranging for the provision of, specified public resources.

Parliamentary Business Resources (Commonwealth Transport) Determination 2017

Determines when Commonwealth Transport (e.g. COMCAR) may or must be used by parliamentarians.

Parliamentary Business Resources (Canberra-based self-drive vehicle) Determination 2017

Determines when a Canberra-based self-drive vehicle and the usual costs of maintaining and operating the vehicle may be provided to a parliamentarian in and around Canberra for the dominant purpose of conducting parliamentary business.

Parliamentary Business Resources (former Prime Ministers) Determination 2017

Determines public resources available to former Prime Ministers for use in their official capacity as a former Prime Minister.