Private-plated vehicles: staff

Last updated
24 May 2023

Senior staff with the classification of Principal Adviser, Chief of Staff or Senior Adviser may request a private-plated vehicle (PPV) or can elect to receive private-plated vehicle allowance (PPVA) (see related resources) in lieu of a PPV.

Whether you choose to receive a PPV or PPVA, there are limitations on claiming transport costs (such as taxi fares) in circumstances where you could reasonably use your PPV (assuming you were provided with one). Please refer to the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA) for more information.

Further information is detailed in the private-plated vehicles guideline (see related resources).

Provision of vehicle

PPVs are leased through the whole-of-government fleet provider (currently sgfleet).

The standard vehicle list (see related resources) includes small, medium and large cars, four-wheel drive vehicles and people movers. All vehicles on the list have a 5-star ANCAP safety rating and a purchase price below the luxury car tax threshold for non-fuel efficient vehicles, as determined by the Australian Taxation Office.

Requesting a private-plated vehicle

To start the ordering process, contact sgfleet on 03 6242 2102 or email

In the months leading up to a lease renewal, sgfleet will provide you with a list of standard vehicles and a request for lease quote form. This form is then approved by the ACT MaPS Territory Manager.

You should seek to achieve value for money by requesting a vehicle with the lowest monthly leasing cost that meets your needs. This includes running costs and reflects likely resale value.   

Permitted drivers

Anyone can drive your vehicle with your authorisation. It is your responsibility to ensure all drivers have an appropriate licence and do not use the PPV for commercial purposes.

Vehicle responsibilities, including maintenance, fuel and repairs

When requesting a PPV, you will be asked to sign a PPV certification form (see related resources) that highlights your responsibilities.

Please make sure all drivers are aware of the PPV driver's guide (see related resources). This is available in each vehicle and has full details of what to do following an accident, as well as information about roadside assistance, maintenance, fuel cards, repairs and servicing. Any theft or malicious damage involving the vehicle must be reported to police.

Fuel cards are issued by sgfleet. Fuel cards must not be used for any vehicle other than the PPV they were provided for.

All PPVs must be maintained and returned in good condition. To assist with this:

  • scheduled services should be performed when due. See the windscreen sticker for due date and organise directly with your local sgfleet-associated service agent
  • damage, however minor, must be reported promptly to sgfleet’s 24-hour line 1800 009 082
  • the vehicle should be washed regularly, noting that the cost, for standard car washing services is paid by the Commonwealth using the fuel cards provided.

Your PPV must be returned at the end of its lease in a sound, serviceable condition, with all its accessories, manual and fuel cards.

For any queries relating to private plated vehicles orders and the running of a private-plated vehicle, please contact the sgfleet MaPS Manager on 03 6242 2102 or email

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