Last updated
04 March 2021

You are provided with the following insurance cover in relation to the conduct of your parliamentary business:

  • travel
  • injury to members of the public
  • damage to personal property of members of the public
  • management and professional activities
  • employment practices.

The insurance may also cover:

  • your spouse, and
  • a person assisting you in undertaking an activity.

Insurance cover is also provided for:

  • the spouse of the Prime Minister for travel, injury to members of the public and damage to personal property of members of the public in connection with the Prime Minister’s parliamentary business
  • the spouse of a Minister or a presiding officer for travel in connection with the parliamentary business of the Minister or presiding officer; and
  • personal effects of the Prime Minister at official residences.

Loss of or damage to personal property at an electorate, Ministerial or office holder office

The Commonwealth’s liability for loss or damage does not extend to cover cash, stamps, personal items and equipment, including privately-owned computer equipment. You should ensure your personal insurance arrangements are extended to cover such items, including where these items are kept in electorate, Ministerial or office holder offices or Australian Government vehicles.


Group insurance policies are commercially-sourced and placed through the Commonwealth’s commercial insurance broker. The insurance contract is between the insurance company and the insured individual. The Commonwealth arranges the policies and pays the premiums, but is not a party to the policies.

The insurances are subject to conditions and exclusions which affect the coverage provided and it is your responsibility to understand the scope and limitations of the cover.

It is important that former parliamentarians contact the insurance broker if they become aware that a claim related to their service as a parliamentarian may be made against them.

You must provide prompt notification to the insurance broker of any potential claim.

You must address all queries in relation to the insurance policies to the insurance broker. Any complaints in relation to the insurance policies must be made using the procedures set out in the policy documents. MaPS is not licensed to provide financial advice or guidance, and is prohibited by law from explaining how the insurance policies may apply in particular circumstances.

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