Salary progression and higher duties

Last updated
30 June 2023

All eligible ongoing and non-ongoing MOP(S) Act employees, including part-time employees, who are not at the top of their salary range, advance to the next salary point as at 1 July of each year. This is provided that the parliamentarian has not reported in writing to MaPS prior to 1 July that the employee’s performance has been unsatisfactory.

An employing parliamentarian may advance the salary of employees to a higher point in the relevant pay range at any time, subject to any arrangements determined by the Prime Minister.

For more information, read the Enterprise Agreement and salary setting and progression guideline (see related resources). Information on relief staff arrangements for electoral and personal staff is also available.

Temporary progression (higher duties allowance)

A parliamentarian may temporarily progress an ongoing employee to a vacant position at a higher classification within the agreed structure of the office for a defined period (for example, to cover an absence due to maternity leave or long service).

Temporary progression must be for a minimum period of two weeks. A start and end date must be specified through a variation of the employee’s contract and emailed to MOPSPay& The employee will be paid a higher duties allowance in recognition of working at the higher classification.

If you would like to extend the higher duties period, email the updated variation with the extended end date to MOPSPay&

Competency assessment for electorate employees

An ongoing electorate employee who is at the top of their salary range of an Electorate Officer A or B, may move to the next classification through a competency assessment process.

The employee needs to have been at the top of the salary range, or higher, for at least 12 continuous months.

Competency assessment may be applied in relation to one electorate employee per employing Member at any given time, and may not result in a classification structure higher than:

  • 2 x EOC, 1 x EOB and 2 x EOA; or 1 x EOC, 3 x EOB and 1 x EOA; or 5 x EOB in a 5 position office; or
  • 2 x EOC, 2 x EOB and 2 x EOA; or 1 x EOC, 4 x EOB and 1 x EOA; or 6 x EOB in a 6 position office.
  • 2 x EOC, 3 x EOB and 2 x EOA; or 1 x EOC, 5 x EOB and 1 x EOA; or 7 x EOB in a 7 position office.

Advancement under competency assessment applies to the individual employee only and the position remains at the original classification.

Parliamentarians with employees at the top of the Electorate Officer A or B salary range should contact the MaPS Help Desk for further advice where competency assessment is considered.

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