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21 February 2024

Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017

The framework enabling parliamentarians to be provided with expenses, allowances and other public resources for their parliamentary business and sets out their obligations for using these resources appropriately. Known as the PBR Act.

Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984

Establishes the mechanisms for parliamentarians to employ staff. Known as the MOP(S) Act.

Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement 2020-23

Sets the employment terms and conditions for all MOP(S) Act employees.

Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority Act 2017

Establishes the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA) and its functions.

Parliamentary Workplace Support Service Act 2023

Establishes the Parliamentary Workplace Service (PWSS) and its functions.

Remuneration Tribunal Act 1973

Establishes the Remuneration Tribunal which performs functions under the PBR Act.

Ministers of State Act 1952

Sets the number of Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries.


Parliamentary Contributory Superannuation Act 1948

Establishes the Parliamentary Contributory Superannuation Scheme (PCSS). Membership of the PCSS is compulsory for all parliamentarians who entered the Australian Parliament before the general election of 9 October 2004.

Parliamentary Superannuation Act 2004

Establishes superannuation accumulation arrangements for all parliamentarians entering or re-entering the Australian Parliament on or after the general election of 9 October 2004. Under this Act, the Government pays a superannuation contribution to a complying superannuation fund (other than a self-managed superannuation fund) or to a Retirement Savings Account of the parliamentarian's choice.

Retirement travel

Parliamentary Retirement Travel Act 2002

Sets out the terms and conditions under which former Prime Ministers and their spouses are eligible for travel at Australian Government expense, which must not be for commercial or personal purposes.

Parliamentary Retirement Travel Regulations 2018

Defines the phrase ‘exceptional circumstances’ and sets out the evidence requirements for the purposes of the ‘stop-over’ provisions of the Act.

Remuneration Tribunal Determination 2017/24: Parliamentary Retirement Travel

Determines the qualifications for Parliamentary Retirement Travel.

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