Last updated
25 June 2024

COMCAR provides car-with-driver transport services for parliamentarians, the Governor-General, the federal judiciary and international guests of government. COMCAR services are:

  • safe and secure
  • efficient
  • professional and reliable
  • client focused.

COMCAR maintains a fleet of cars in all capital cities which is supplemented with hire cars and taxis during peak times and in regional and country areas.

COMCAR operates 24 hours, 7 days a week. Closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday.


COMCAR offers a safe and secure service for clients to enter, amend or cancel bookings through the CARS web portal or mobile appThe CARS page has more information on registering for and using CARS, as well as training and fact sheets.

When making a reservation through the online portal or mobile app please ensure you include:

  • City where trip is to occur
  • Account number
  • Passenger's name
  • Caller's name and contact number
  • Pick up date, time and location including arrival flight number if applicable
  • Instructions relating to pick up location
  • Drop off location including departure flight number if applicable
  • Instructions relating to drop off location
  • Number of passengers
  • Vehicle type
  • Any special requirements, e.g. child restraints (infant - rear facing, toddler - forward facing, booster seat). 

All bookings, amendments and cancellations should be made using the CARS web portal and mobile app. Urgent bookings, amendments and cancellations can also be made by calling the National Operations Centre on 131 847. Urgent bookings are defined as less than two hours prior to pick up time

COMCAR vehicles will wait for a period of up to 30 minutes at the agreed pick up location. Where no contact has been established with the passenger, the vehicle will be allocated to another reservation.


Charges Rate
Rate $2.17 per minute
Minimum weekday charge 30 minutes ($65.10)
Minimum weekend and public holiday charge 60 minutes ($130.20)
Cancellation charge Varies depending on notice given
No contact charge Applicable minimum charge
Out of zone Varies depending on duration of journey
Waiting time Charged from booking pick up time
Tolls Charged at toll rate
People mover surcharge $25.00

Effective 1 July 2024. All charges exclude GST. GST is only applicable to non-Commonwealth entities


COMCAR provides car-with-driver services to parliamentarians when undertaking parliamentary business, and to Ministers (including parliamentary secretaries) and shadow ministers for their personal safety when their private plated vehicle or private vehicle could not reasonably be used.

Where you use COMCAR for your parliamentary business, your PBR obligations apply, including the dominant purpose and value for money tests. In addition to your PBR obligations, specific conditions apply.

  • COMCAR services are not available for your parliamentary business if you could reasonably use your private plated vehicle (PPV), additional electorate allowance provided in lieu of a PPV, or your Canberra-based self-drive vehicle in the circumstances.
    For example, if you elected to receive additional electorate allowance instead of a PPV you could reasonably be expected to use the allowance instead of COMCAR in circumstances where a PPV could otherwise be reasonably used.
  • COMCAR transport costs are treated as ‘unscheduled commercial transport’ and counted towards your unscheduled commercial transport in large electorates limit.

Please refer to the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA) for more information.

Where a Minister, Assistant Minister, Parliamentary Secretary or Presiding Officer uses COMCAR for official duties, COMCAR charges are met by the respective portfolio or parliamentary department.

COMCAR expenditure is reported in your monthly management reports and quarterly expenditure reports.

Airport terminal meeting points


Terminal Airline Meeting point
Domestic   Ground floor, parallel to Qantas baggage counter, next to the lift well and exit doors. No COMCAR sign.


Terminal Airline Meeting point
Domestic Terminal 3 Qantas Near baggage carousel 3 and Avis rental desk. COMCAR sign.
Domestic Terminal 2 Virgin / Rex Opposite baggage carousel 3, under flight arrivals board. No COMCAR sign.
International   At flight arrivals gate as shown on arrivals monitor. No COMCAR sign.


Terminal Airline Meeting point
    At the bottom of the escalators near the glass sliding doors.


Terminal Airline Meeting point
Domestic Qantas/Virgin Opposite the baggage carousel next to the Europcar rental desk. No COMCAR sign.
International   Passengers exit customs hall via left door.
Terminal Airline Meeting point
    Beside the baggage carousel for the relevant flight.
Terminal Airline Meeting point
    Outside arrivals gate near Budget and Hertz offices.
Terminal Airline Meeting point
Domestic   At the bottom of the escalators near the glass sliding doors.


Terminal Airline Meeting point
    Ground floor to the left of the escalators, adjacent to last baggage carousel. No COMCAR sign.


Terminal Airline Meeting point
Domestic Qantas Next to the double glass doors at the entrance to the Jetstar terminal from the tarmac. No COMCAR sign.
Domestic Virgin Next to baggage carousel. No COMCAR sign.


Terminal Airline Meeting point
Domestic Terminal 1 Qantas Ground floor at pylon in front of baggage services desk between baggage carousels 2 and 3. No COMCAR sign.
International Terminal 2   Ground floor adjacent to escalator at southern end of terminal. General chauffeur meeting point sign.
Domestic Terminal 3 Virgin Ground floor pylon at the escalator, near baggage carousel. No COMCAR sign.
Domestic Terminal 4 Jetstar / Tiger Ground floor, base of ‘yellow’ escalator. No COMCAR sign.


Terminal Airline Meeting point
Domestic terminals 3 & 4 (Gates 1-33) Qantas Near baggage carousel 1 and arrival doors in Terminal 4. No COMCAR sign.
Domestic Terminal 1 Virgin Near baggage carousel and arrival doors. No COMCAR sign.
Domestic Terminal 2 Jetstar / Tiger / Alliance Near baggage carousels and arrival doors. No COMCAR sign.
International Terminal 1 Qantas Near arrival exit doors and rental desks.
International Terminal 3 Qantas Near arrival exit doors and Border Force counter.

Service issues

COMCAR operates under the COMCAR Customer Service Charter (see related resources). Any issues with service can be reported to the Client Liaison Manager. The matter will be investigated and the client will receive a telephone call or letter regarding the incident.