Furniture, equipment and office ICT

Last updated
15 November 2023

The provision of furniture and major office equipment for your electorate, ministerial or office holder office is determined by the Minister. These resources must only be used for the dominant purpose of your parliamentary business, and must not be used for any commercial purpose.

Your MaPS state or territory office arranges the supply, maintenance and replacement of office furniture and major office equipment and coordinates the information and communications technology equipment provided by the Department of Parliamentary Services.

After your election you will be allocated the furniture and equipment of the outgoing parliamentarian. This is to ensure value for money as required by the PBR Act. The MaPS state and territory offices also re-allocate spare furniture and equipment between electorate offices. In some instances, you may have discretion in the selection of office furniture – for example, a desk chair for your office. Where you exercise discretion in the selection of resources, your obligation to ensure value for money continues to apply.

For training in operating equipment (other than minor office equipment purchased from your annual budget for office expenses), as well as repairs, maintenance and replacement of office furniture and equipment, contact your MaPS state or territory office.

Folding machines

These machines automatically fold and insert mail and flyers into envelopes. They are supplied by MaPS’ contracted supplier, Pitney Bowes.

Additional furniture and equipment

Portfolio or parliamentary departments may provide additional furniture, equipment or other resources for offices of Ministers, Assistant Ministers and Presiding Officers outside the PBR Act.

You may purchase minor office equipment, including accessories, consumables, repairs and maintenance from your annual budget for office expenses. However, you should be mindful not to introduce work health and safety risks to your office. For example chair mats may only be purchased if recommended following an ergonomic assessment.

Privately-owned office equipment

You may, at your own expense, install privately-owned equipment in your office (including items purchased using your electorate allowance). This must be done in consultation with your MaPS state or territory office.

MaPS does not maintain or support privately-owned equipment in your office. You are personally responsible for insurance, maintenance and ensuring the safe use of such equipment.

Asset register

MaPS maintains an official asset register of relevant furniture and equipment it supplies to you and carries out annual stocktakes. These items remain the property of the Commonwealth, including relevant items purchased from your annual budget for office expenses.

Report all lost, damaged or stolen items by emailing lost/stolen/damaged property report (see related resources) to your MaPS state or territory office.

ICT and support provided by DPS

DPS provides hardware to connect each electorate, ministerial and office holder office and Commonwealth Parliament Offices to Parliament House through the Australian Parliament House (APH) Network (commonly referred to as the Extended Parliamentary Network).

Once you and your staff have completed a Parliamentary Computing Network (PCN) agreement (available from DPS), you will be given access to the ParlICT website to view the equipment and services available to you, including:

  • desktop computers and peripherals, including high specification desktop computers
  • portable computers (including laptops and tablets) and peripherals, including high specification laptop computers
  • smartphones, mobile phones and mobile phone plans
  • mobile broadband devices and plans
  • printers (including label and copy printers), scanners and multi-function devices
  • digital remote access tokens
  • ICT training, including face-to-face and eLearning
  • some video-conferencing equipment (see further below)


DPS and the PCN may not support devices that are not issued to you by DPS, particularly devices outside the ParlICT catalogue. The ParlICT catalogue is available from DPS.

DPS’ 2020 Service Desk provides advice and support on the APH Network, ICT equipment and services. For any requests of additional ICT equipment outside the ParlICT catalogue to be provided under the PBR Framework, please first contact DPS to ensure compatibility and seek their advice on alternative options prior to making a request. See further information on ICT and telecommunications.

Video and teleconferencing

Teleconferences can be arranged through the Chorus Call teleconferencing service. DPS has rolled out Office 365 to parliamentarians’ offices, with video conferencing and chat capabilities available within Microsoft Teams. All documents and information shared in the application are managed and supported by DPS.

DPS’ 2020 Service Desk provide advice and support on setting up teleconferences and using Microsoft Teams.

Livestreaming equipment

You may request livestreaming equipment for use within and outside your Commonwealth-provided office/s. These resources are provided at the determination of the Minister, and are not deducted from your annual budget for office expenses.

Livestreaming equipment may also be used to produce, communicate and distribute podcasts and similar streaming services. This includes, but is not limited to, the design, recording and distribution of electronic material. You should be mindful that the use of livestreaming equipment, including any content created, is subject to your overarching PBR obligations, the conditions for claiming office expenses and material must not include any statements or information that is prohibited. For example, the livestreaming or podcast must not be used for any commercial purpose (such as, promoting or advertising a business or commercial enterprise such as a constituent’s business), must not solicit votes or financial or other support and must not provide instruction on how to complete a ballot paper in a referendum or election. The dominant purpose test does not apply to these restrictions.

Limits apply to the cost of the equipment and ongoing costs associated with uploading footage, services, maintenance and repair. Contact your MaPS state or territory office for further information or to make a request.

Privately-owned ICT equipment

If you intend to use privately purchased ICT equipment or software at your office including items purchased using your electorate allowance, contact DPS to ensure compatibility and seek their approval prior to use.

Fixed-line telephones

Your MaPS state office organises your fixed-line telephone system installation. If you experience problems with your telephone system, contact your MaPS state or territory office.

Telephone costs are paid by MaPS and included in your expenditure reports published by IPEA.  They are not subject to your annual budget for office expenses.

Directory listings

MaPS arranges listings for parliamentarians in the White Pages and the Sensis online network directories.

1300 numbers

Parliamentarians with electorates that contain multiple call charge areas (i.e. various STD Codes) may request a 1300 number through their MaPS state or territory office. This reduces call costs for constituents.

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