Residential internet and telephone costs

Last updated
13 May 2021

Certain expenses relating to your internet and fixed-line telephone services at your private residence are payable by the Commonwealth as part of your remuneration. The Remuneration Tribunal has determined the provision of such expenses under paragraph 14(4)(c) of the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017.

Eligible expenses include installation, maintenance, rental, transfer and call and data costs. It does not include subscription services, such as Foxtel and Netflix.


You can claim the cost of up to 2 telephone services in relation to your private residence/s. One of these may be exclusively an internet service.

Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, Presiding Officers, senior office holders who are members of the Opposition, and the leader of a minority party

You may claim an additional fixed internet and telephone service for your Canberra private residence.

Chief Government and Opposition Whips

You may also claim an additional telephone service in your private residence in Canberra and an additional telephone service elsewhere.

Payment of accounts

Your paid residential telephone and internet accounts can be reimbursed on a monthly, quarterly or 6-monthly basis. It is recommended that phone numbers be unlisted (silent).

Claims should be sent via PEMS or by completing Form 146 (see related resources). Costs can only be claimed for the period you are a parliamentarian and will be reported in your monthly management reports issued by IPEA.

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