Salary: parliamentarians

Last updated
22 July 2024

As a parliamentarian, you are paid a base salary, as determined by the Remuneration Tribunal (Members of Parliament) Determination 2024 (see related resources).

In addition to base salary, some parliamentarians receive additional salary by virtue of being a Minister or because of the office they hold (e.g. Presiding Officers, Leader of the Opposition). The Remuneration Tribunal reports the rates of additional salary for Ministers and determines rates for all other office holders. A guide, salary and remuneration by role, detailing the rates of additional salary is available in related resources. 

Your salary (base salary and any additional salary) is paid fortnightly in arrears by your parliamentary department.

Salary, together with electorate allowance, reimbursement of your residential phone and internet costs, and a private plated vehicle or allowance in lieu of a private plated vehicle, comprise the remuneration payable to you as a parliamentarian.

Income tax deductions

Your salary is subject to ‘Pay as You Go’ (PAYG) tax withholding (see section 12-45 of Schedule 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953). The amount of PAYG withheld may vary depending on your individual circumstances.

Superannuation deductions

If you are a member of the Parliamentary Contributory Superannuation Scheme (PCSS), personal contributions are deducted from your salary. The Remuneration Tribunal sets the portion of base salary (currently $48,790), office holder salary (currently 20 per cent) and Ministerial salary (currently 20 per cent) which is not parliamentary allowance for the purposes of the Parliamentary Contributory Superannuation Act 1948.

All parliamentarians whose superannuation arrangements are provided for under the Parliamentary Superannuation Act 2004 may salary-sacrifice to superannuation.