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Last updated
06 November 2023

The Enterprise Agreement and leave and public holidays guideline (see related resources) detail MOP(S) Act employees’ leave entitlements. Leave that does not otherwise fall into one of the major categories may be classified below.

Compassionate leave

MOP(S) Act employees are entitled to paid compassionate leave. In the event that a member of an employee’s immediate family or household contracts an illness or injury that poses a serious threat to their life, employees are entitled to two days leave. Employees can access three days leave in the event of the death of a family member, friend or member of their household.

Casual employees are entitled to two days of unpaid compassionate leave as provided under the Fair Work Act 2009.

Community service leave

Community service leave can be used to attend community service activities. Eligible activities are defined in the Fair Work Act 2009 as:

  • jury service
  • voluntary emergency management activities (defined in detail at subsections 109(2) and (3) of the Fair Work Act 2009 and involving dealing with an emergency or disaster as a member of a recognised emergency management body)
  • activities prescribed in the Fair Work Regulations 2009 (no such activities have been prescribed at this date).

Miscellaneous leave

Miscellaneous leave may be approved by an employing parliamentarian for the purposes and periods listed below. 

Reason for leave request Reasonable period of absence
Moving house, including approved relocations between localities 1 day
Attending the graduation ceremony for a course approved for studies assistance under the Enterprise Agreement 1 day
Attending the funeral of family member or friend 1 day
Attending to duties and other arrangements relating to the death of a family member or friend, e.g. an executor of a will 2 days
Flooding or other natural disasters up to 3 days
Workplace relations training where an employee is a delegate of an employee organisation 5 days per year
Domestic and/or family violence
(Contact PWSS to discuss any matters relating to applications for this leave.)
As required 

Miscellaneous leave may also be granted for periods exceeding the reasonable periods of absence specified above or for other purposes with the approval of MaPS. Please contact MaPS to discuss these arrangements.

Apply for miscellaneous leave through PEMS.

Family and domestic violence leave

Paid family and domestic violence is available to all ongoing, non-ongoing and casual MOP(S) Act employees in accordance with provisions in the Enterprise Agreement and National Employment Standards (NES).

Casual employees may take up to ten days paid miscellaneous leave per year. This leave is not accruable.

Further information is available in the Family and Domestic Violence and Leave and Public Holidays Guideline.

Other leave

With the approval of their employing parliamentarian, MOP(S) Act employees can be granted leave at full pay without using their accrued leave entitlements for:

  • Defence Force Service enlistment or training (including Reserves, but excluding Australian Army, Navy and Air Force Cadets)
  • participation in major international sporting events as a competitor representing Australia or as an accredited official at an event such as the Olympic or Commonwealth Games
  • courses of study approved under clause 60.2 of the Enterprise Agreement
  • war service sick leave for returned service personnel for various medical or review purposes under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986
  • political exchange leave as a delegate on a Political Exchange Program.

Applications for other leave must state the reason for leave and appropriate evidence. Apply for other leave by contacting MPSHelp@finance.gov.au.

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