Annual budget for office expenses

Last updated
25 July 2023

You are provided with an annual budget for office expenses under s67 of the Parliamentary Business Resources Regulations 2017 (the Regulations) to claim the following types of office expenses:

Your PBR obligations including the dominant purpose and value for money tests apply to office expenses. In addition specific conditions apply, see office expenses – conditions.

The Commonwealth is not liable to cover expenses where you contravene your obligations or use your office expenses for a restricted activity.

Office expenses budget for 2023–24





Members of House of Representatives

$160,841.76 plus a distribution component that is a product of:

$1.199 multiplied by the number of enrolled voters within the Member’s electorate

Certain items are not subject to the budget, including:

  • approved items provided for work health and safety reasons (such as document holders or footrests)
  • toilet paper, paper hand towels for bathroom use and hand-wash soap pumps where these items are not provided by the contracted property services provider or landlord
  • some items provided by portfolio or parliamentary departments for Ministerial offices and Presiding Officer offices
  • newspapers, office stationery and supplies provided by the parliamentary departments at Parliament House.

The budget is subject to annual indexation in line with the Consumer Price Index and is exclusive of GST. Any unused portion of your budget will not be carried forward to the following financial year. No financial limits apply to individual categories of office expenses other than broadcast radio which cannot exceed one-third of an eligible parliamentarian’s budget.

If you commenced your parliamentary term during a financial year, your budget is calculated on a pro rata basis.

Any expenditure over the limit of your budget is your personal responsibility, and any overpayment is recoverable as a debt to the Commonwealth. If you do not repay the overpayment within 28 days of the claim, a 25 per cent penalty loading may apply.

Your office expenses budget is debited from the date the goods are received or the services are rendered.

Keeping track of budgets

From Monday 4 July 2022, budget reports for 21/22 onwards will be available in PEMS.

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