COMCAR provides Car-with-driver services which are:

  • secure
  • timely
  • suitable and efficient
  • professional and confidential
  • client focused

COMCAR maintains a fleet in all capital cities and uses hire cars and taxis to supplement the fleet at peak times and in regional and country areas.


COMCAR National Operations Centre
Phone: 131 847
Hours of Operation: 24 hours – 7 days a week
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday
Essential Details required for making a reservation:
  • account number
  • city
  • pick up date
  • pick up time
  • pick up point details
  • passengers name
  • number of passengers
  • passengers contact number
  • flight number (if applicable)
  • drop location
  • callers name
  • callers contact number
  • any special requirements e.g. baby seat

Please note that COMCAR drivers are unable to make or amend reservations on behalf of clients. All COMCAR reservations must be made by calling the National Operations Centre.

Meeting Points

Senators and Members will be met at designated meeting points at airport terminals.


COMCAR vehicles will wait for a period of up to 30 minutes. If no contact has been established with the passenger, the vehicle will be moved on to its next job.


COMCAR charges Rate
Hourly Rate: $114.00
Minimum Weekday Charge: $58.00
Minimum Weekend and Public Holiday Charge: $114.00
Cancellation / No Contact Charge: Applicable minimum charge (as above)
People Mover (Tarago) Surcharge: $25.00
Child Restraint Surcharge: $25.00
Tolls: Charged at toll rate
As Directed (more than one stop): $114.00 minimum charge

For Senators and Members, charges are:

  • met through an appropriation within the Department of Finance
  • GST free
  • reported in monthly management reports
  • reported in the six monthly expenditure reports which are published on the Finance website

Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and Presiding Officers costs are met by the respective Portfolio Department:

  • invoices are sent monthly to Portfolio Department
  • costs are reported in the six monthly expenditure reports which are published on the Finance website

Service Issues

Any issues with the COMCAR service can be reported to the Client Liaison Manager. The matter will be investigated and the client will receive a telephone call or letter regarding the incident.