Transferring leave

Last updated
03 August 2022

MOP(S) Act employees who have previously been employed under the MOP(S) Act or with other federal, state, territory or local government organisations may be eligible to have their previous service recognised.

Recognition of prior service allows for transfer of leave entitlements and salary increments, and can be included when calculating any severance payments.

An initial request to have previous service recognised must be received by MaPS within one month of commencing employment under the MOP(S) Act. Where the initial request is received by the Department after this time, the service cannot be recognised.

Recognition of prior service including transferal of leave entitlements is detailed in the Enterprise Agreement and recognition of prior service guideline (see related resources).

To request recognition of prior service and have leave transferred, you will also need to complete the prior service kit (see related resources) and email it to the MaPS Help Desk.

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