Personal leave

Last updated
03 August 2022

Ongoing and non-ongoing MOP(S) Act employees can take personal leave for a number of reasons. These include if you are unwell, injured, caring for a member of your immediate family or household who is unwell or injured, or as the result of an unexpected emergency affecting you, your family or your household.

Personal leave entitlements are detailed in the Enterprise Agreement and leave and public holidays guideline (see related resources).

MOP(S) Act employees are responsible for accessing and appropriately using their personal leave. You can apply for personal leave through PEMS. Your leave application should be submitted as soon as possible after you return to work.

A medical certificate must be provided for personal leave related to compensation claims, illness during maternity leave and for applications to have other forms of leave re-credited as a result of illness.

Your employing parliamentarian may have their own requirements for when a medical certificate or other evidence, such as a statutory declaration, is required when submitting an application for personal leave.

Domestic or family violence leave

MOP(S) Act employees may use personal leave for reasons relating to domestic or family violence including:

  • attending medical or counselling appointments
  • seeking and moving into emergency and more permanent accommodation
  • attending dispute resolution or court proceedings
  • attending police appointments
  • accessing legal advice
  • organising alternative care and educational arrangements for their dependents
  • any other circumstances associated with domestic and/or family violence.

If your personal leave entitlements are exhausted, miscellaneous leave may be approved at the discretion of your employing parliamentarian.

The Employee Assistance Program is available for MOP(S) Act employees and their families.

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