MaPS Client Service Charter

Last updated
19 April 2021

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services’ (MaPS) staff are committed to supporting parliamentarians, former Prime Ministers and MOP(S) Act employees by providing high quality, client-focused advice and services.

Our role

We are responsible for providing:

  • human resources, payroll and other employment-related advice and services, including work health and safety supports, dedicated case managers and professional development training
  • advice, support and administration of non-travel related work expenses, such as office accommodation and associated equipment and furniture, and office expenses
  • support for Commonwealth Parliament Offices and the Ministerial Wing at Parliament House
  • COMCAR services (see COMCAR Service Charter in related resources)
  • administration of political party grant and training programs.

What you can expect from us

We will:

  • deliver high quality, effective and reliable services
  • inform you about the progress of your request for service
  • make our processes and tools reliable and easy to use
  • maintain accurate records of our advice to you
  • uphold the APS Values and Code of Conduct in our engagements with you
  • use your feedback and suggestions to help us improve our service to you.

How you can assist us to support you

So we can provide a high quality service to you, we ask you to:

  • refer to the extensive guidance material on the MaPS website
  • in seeking further advice, provide all the information necessary for us to provide the requested service or support
  • familiarise yourself with your PBR, employment and WHS obligations and responsibilities
  • be respectful and courteous to us.

How you can provide feedback to us

So we can provide a high quality service to you, we ask you to use the feedback form (see related resources) to:

  • provide constructive feedback and suggestions to us via MOP(S) Act employee surveys, or at any time via email to
  • If you wish to request a review of a decision or advice, please contact us via email at
  • If you are not happy with a service we have provided, you may lodge a complaint.