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Please use this section to list the name of the passengers that will use your COMCAR account.



COMCAR account holders can authorise delegates to manage their COMCAR bookings using the web portal and mobile app. Authorised Travel coordinators will have access to the COMCAR Account holder's details and will be able to create, amend and cancel bookings. Each CARS account must have a unique email address. You cannot use the same email for two CARS accounts. Your official email address will be used to sign into your CARS self-service account. For information on booking notifications, see Fact Sheet 5 – CARS Trip Booking Notifications

To add more Travel coordinators, please contact COMCAR Client Liaison.

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For additional information refer to the COMCAR Charging Structure



I acknowledge that I am personally responsible and accountable for my use of COMCAR services in accordance with the relevant provisions. I understand that knowingly giving false or misleading information is a serious offence under the Criminal Code Act 1995.

Terms of Use – CARS

The COMCAR Automated Resource System (CARS) is the booking and dispatch system used to manage COMCAR’s car with driver and other ground transport services across Australia.  We'll refer to COMCAR as 'we' or 'us' in these terms of use.

1. Why are terms of use important?

By registering for CARS, you agree to be bound by these terms of use.

Importantly, this means making sure you know and follow your responsibilities.

2. Changes to terms of use

When we make changes to these terms of use, you will need to accept the new terms, if you want to keep using your CARS account.

These new terms of use replace any CARS terms of use you may have previously accepted.

3. Who can have a CARS account

To have a CARS account you must:

  • be a COMCAR account holder (client)  or be authorised to manage the COMCAR booking on behalf of a COMCAR client; and
  • have your own email address, preferably (because an email address can only be used once to create a CARS account).

A COMCAR client can authorise others to manage their COMCAR bookings.  The COMCAR client remains responsible for any expenses incurred on their account.

4. Privacy and your personal information

By having a CARS account, you agree to COMCAR’s collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as set out in the Privacy Notice.

5. Your responsibilities

It is important to understand your responsibilities when using CARS.

If you do not keep your personal information secure, it is possible someone could endeavour to misuse or obtain services from COMCAR, which will be reported against your account or for which you will be invoiced.

5.1 Provide correct and up to date information to COMCAR

You are responsible for making sure your personal details (such as your name, contact details etc.) are correct and up to date.

If your details change, you should sign-in to CARS and update your details. 

Where details cannot be updated in CARS, please contact Client Liaison at or 02 6215 1617 to update your account information.

5.2 Keep your CARS account safe

You are responsible for your CARS account and making sure only you can access it.

You must not allow someone else to sign-in or use your CARS account.

You must keep your CARS password safe. Do not share these details with anyone else.

If you do not take reasonable precautions to keep your CARS details safe and someone is able to sign into your account, or if you give someone your details so that they can sign into your account, you are responsible for everything that person does with your account.

Authorised Bookers can have their own CARS account and password.

5.3 Something does not seem right? Tell us!

If you think that someone else has accessed your CARS account, let us know as soon as possible. You should change your password immediately if you think someone else has become aware of it.

5.4 Do not access another person's CARS account

You are not allowed to access another person's CARS account.

If you are an Authorised Booker you can have their own CARS Account and Password.

5.5 Closure of CARS accounts

If you cease to be a COMCAR client, you will no longer be able to have or access a CARS account. 

6. What we are responsible for

We are responsible for:

  • providing channel choice for you to book COMCAR services;
  • taking reasonable steps to ensure the security of your personal information while it is being collected by, stored or used in CARS;
  • handling your personal information in accordance with the privacy law (see 'Privacy' for more detail); and
  • taking reasonable care to provide you with information about the CARS service.

7. Using features on your personal devices (for example, mobile, tablet, computer)

When you use CARS, like other mobile phone apps, you may be asked for your permission to access certain hardware or software features of your device, for example, your location services.

Access to features on your personal device is only for the purpose of being able to assist you using CARS. For example, being able to track the vehicle to see how far away it is from the pick-up location.

When you agree to providing access to a feature on your personal device, that access is limited to only that feature and does not mean you have agreed to allow COMCAR or the vendor access to all features on your device.